Woman beats 15-year-old student, accuses him of being a stalker

The video has been broadcast where a woman hits still highschool studentwho would have approximately 15 years oldshe enters the classroom and goes to the young man whom she slaps.

Between the claims he tells him that he has hit him for harassing his sonfollowed by this, she threatened him not to get close to him again, since he already has him located, the students and teacher asked him to leave the room, she said:

“Are you threatening my son? Nobody touches my son”

This happened in a secondary school in Neuquén, Argentinathe moment where she slapped the young man was recorded and uploaded to social networks, where it caused a division of opinions about the woman’s action.

What happened to the woman who hit the student?

What happened to the woman who hit the student? Woman hits her boyfriend

It has been reported that the school authorities have started an investigation about what happened, while the parents of the young man who was beaten have filed a complaint against the woman.

The teenager’s parents denied that their son did bullying To the woman who entered the room angry, they added that this is not the first time that she and her family have been involved in a case of violence.

In a similar way, but in Mexicoa woman hit the driver of a truck, who, according to her, repeatedly denied her the stop, these acts almost caused a road accident.

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Woman hits her boyfriend

Woman hits her boyfriend

It was in Kanasín, Yucatanwhere a woman hit with a hammer to her boyfriend since she discovered him trying to sexually abuse her little sister six years olddespite I was pregnant I left him with serious injuries.

The 24-year-old woman realized the situation when she got up to go to the bathroom, quickly grabbed the hammer and began beating her partner. in the headuntil he was unconscious, he got his sister to safety and called the authorities, the pregnant woman was arrested for assault.

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