Woman commits suicide in front of her husband’s grave

A woman committed suicide in front of her husband’s grave because she could bear the death of her beloved partner, which shocked the population of the Dominican Republic, where the events occurred.

The protagonist of this tragic story is María del Carmen Vargas, 30 years old, whose husband died in 2021. The woman used to assure everyone that her late partner Mayimbe was the love of her life, and after his death, she could not recover.

The woman’s pain was so much that she decided to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of poison or in front of her husband’s grave. The young woman’s body was found lying on the concrete that covered her husband’s coffin.

The woman committed suicide using poison.

The young woman’s mother, Mery Carminela Turbí, told local media that her daughter committed suicide because she couldn’t bear her husband’s absence. He assures that the young woman used to be very happy and cheerful, but after learning of the death of her lover, she changed radically, indicating that they thought it was normal for María to be sad, but they never imagined that she would take her own life.

Mery said that her daughter left her house at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon, and two hours later, they called her from the cemetery to tell her that her daughter had been crying in front of her husband’s grave and that she had been poisoned.

The poison did not take the woman’s life immediately, but it did leave her in a severe condition, so she was urgently transferred to the hospital. Unfortunately, Mary’s body did not resist, and she died two days later.

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What are the signs of suicide?

People should be alert to the signs of suicide.

Although we can never be sure if a person wants to take their own life if we can find some of the warning signs that someone is thinking about suicide, these are:

Talk about: wanting to die, feeling tremendous guilt or shame, and being a burden to others.

Feel: empty, hopeless, trapped, or without a reason to live; extremely sad, anxious, agitated, or angry; in excruciating pain, be it emotional or physical.

Change behavior, such as: making a plan or investigating ways to die; walking away from friends, saying goodbye, giving away essential items, or making a will; doing very risky things like driving extremely fast; displaying extreme mood swings; eating or sleeping too much or too little; use drugs or alcohol more often.

In the case of María, she changed her behavior after the death of her lover. Unfortunately, the woman committed suicide in front of her husband’s grave in the Dominican Republic.