Woman decorates her nails with her boyfriend’s pubic hair and goes viral on TikTok

A user of TikTok made viral when sharing a video in which dscratch your nails with pubic hair of her boyfriend, and social networks did not forgive her.

TikTok It is, as we all know, a perfect platform for people to show their creativity and talents, such as those of that woman who specializes in giving tutorials to place and beautify false nails.

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Tiktoker wears pubic hair on his nails

TikTok: MisDLux. TikTok: MisDLux

The viral video that brings us together today has received a lot of criticism and reactions from the curious public of TikTok, and has become the most viewed on the account.

The visitors wondered what could have motivated the woman to get this nail repair done and, above all, to show it openly.

TikTok: MisDLux

The original video was uploaded to TikTok by the user “MisDLux”, who, it must be clarified, never specified that it was pubic hair, but the color, size and shape of these hair made it clear that it was those.

It should be mentioned that in the subtitles of her video, the woman writes “wearing my boyfriend today so he never leaves me.”

TikTok: MisDLux

In several published videos, we can see that the woman is a big fan of acrylic nails, and she often shows her work under the “Dual System” nail application technique, which has become very popular on TikTok.

What do you think, does it seem or does not public what this user of TikTok got on nails? We want to read your comments.