Woman dies in China after a concrete block falls on her while she was walking

China. — A woman died when a concrete block fell from a building and hit her on the head while walking arm-in-arm with a friend. The 50-year-old victim died of head injuries, but her friend, just inches away, survived completely unharmed.

Shocking CCTV footage of the gruesome death shows the friends walking arm-in-arm down a street lined with shops in Jiujiang city, north China’s Jiangxi province.

As they walked down the street, a concrete block fell off from the sixth floor of a building and fell exactly on the victim’s head. Police later confirmed that the woman died after being hit by a concrete block that fell from a building at 11 a.m.

In the recording, the woman is observed walking, when suddenly the concrete block falls on her head and she collapses immediately. The woman’s friend and the people who passed by the place immediately tried to help her, but despite her efforts, she did not react.

The woman died after receiving a blow to the head.

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Apparently the woman would have died immediately after the brutal blow, as the cement block fell from the sixth floor of a building.

After investigating, the authorities discovered that the building from which the cement block fell was built in 2002. The police are still investigating the incident.

They stated that the block was part of the wall decoration and that they were checking to see if the collateral was still held by the original developer or had already been passed on to the property manager.

The authorities continue with the investigations, trying to carry out the demarcation of responsibilities in the case of the woman who died after a cement block fell on her head while she was walking through the streets of China.

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