Woman discovers her boyfriend was unfaithful using the serial number of a tampon

At United Kingdom, a woman suspected that her partner was not entirely honest, which is why she decided to use the serial number of a tampon to find out if her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her. This particular video was shared on Tiktok, social network where it became trend automatically, generating an intense debate among users.

Lois saunders is the user who was in charge of showing this footage. The 23-year-old woman he published himself on last january 3 in which she explains how she found out if her partner was cheating on her, which is why, so far, she has earned an average of 4.6 million views Y more than 450 thousand likes.

The legend of the tape describes it as follows: “When you find a tampon Y mascara under your boyfriend’s wardrobe and they deny everything. You have to investigate for yourself “.

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The resident of Essex showed a screenshot showing the email who sent a representative from Procter & Gamble, company that produces the tampon, where it indicates the following: “I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2 on the side. It’s yellow, normal. Can you tell me when it was made? “

Next, he showed the company’s response, a fairly extensive one, where, they indicate that this product was manufactured on Dec 11, 2019. The mail was later validated by a spokesperson for P&P when he gave statements to Insider.

Upon confirmation of the date, Saunders assures that it would have been a “Fun way to find out that (her boyfriend) was unfaithful to her”, but affirmed that, at that time, technically, they were not what we could classify as “partner”.

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Once the video went viral on Tiktok, many users were surprised with the Lois’s detective qualities, to the point that the official account of Tampax rated it as one “International super spy” in a comment on this video.

Some praised these woman skills, rating your method of “amazing” or claimed to be “very interested”.

In fact, in later updates, Saunders He claimed to have received messages from various girls who told him that they lived in that house that his current partner lives today, hinting that this could be the cause for finding the controversial tampon, just like him mascara.

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In fact, Lois He limited Insider that when this event took place, that is, in May 2021, both she and End (her boyfriend) they had taken a short break from their relationship, while both attended different universities.

In fact, in a communication from End With Insider, he revealed that not a few people had contacted him to warn him about his partner’s behavior, assuring that they incited him to “Pack your bags and run away”: “Some of these I found absolutely amusing. Complete strangers arguing in the comments, fighting on my behalf and making crazy stories “.

In fact, Saunders He said that it was all about a joke between the two, who has full confidence in End who, believe it or not, was the person who was recording her in her search: “Seeing her on all fours looking under that huge wardrobe was a lot of fun”, expressed the subject.

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