Woman ended up with four eyebrows after aesthetic procedure

Cosmetic treatments where certain areas of the body are shaped have become a trend, but a girl wanted to tell her experience, and it is that the woman ended up with four eyebrows after an aesthetic treatment.

Undoubtedly, cosmetic tattoo treatments have become popular in recent years since by giving it shape, one will not have to make up that area as often.

But sometimes, going with untrained people can leave terrible experiences, like the following case presented by AmericanPost.News.

The woman ended up with four eyebrows

She wanted to be more beautiful and ends up with four eyebrows.

Nipapron Meeking is a 32-year-old woman who says that she went to a clinic in Rayong province in eastern Thailand to have her eyebrows tattooed since she wanted to take a trip with friends and wanted to show off new eyebrows.

The woman says the clinic charged her 35 pounds for the eyebrow tattoo. According to what she said, everything was going perfectly until Nipapron saw herself in the mirror. She was horrified that she now had four eyebrows on her face because the tattoo artist had done the procedure above her natural eyebrows.

After the result, the young woman was furious with the tattoo artist, and he promised her that he would erase her eyebrows for free, the problem was that a few days later, the studio closed and Nipapron had to live for a year with four eyebrows, time in the one who almost didn’t leave his house.

Not long after what happened, the store closed, and I don’t know where the owner is now. I had a very bad time living with four eyebrows on my forehead, but luckily I found this new tattoo artist,” she said.

What are cosmetic procedures?

The woman ended up with four eyebrows, and the place where she did it closed.

They are all non-invasive procedures used to beautify the human body to clean it, perfume it, modify its appearance and protect it or keep it in good condition, with or without cosmetic products.”

The woman ended up with four eyebrows and could not leave the house

Nipapron said that after the horrible procedure, he looked for different tattoo artists to get her eyebrows fixed. Still, no one was able to help her until she met tattoo artist Pattawee Phumkasem, who, seeing her condition, offered to do the procedure for free.

“After seeing Nipapron’s condition, I knew I had to help her. Normally it costs 350 pounds (8 thousand pesos), but I am willing to do it for free (…) It will take me three months to give her beautiful new eyebrows. I will have to remove the old ink and wait for it to fade before outlining new brows,” the new tattoo artist explained how one woman ended up with four eyebrows.