Woman escapes shackles and handcuffs from a bus in Staten Island after allegedly being kidnapped, raped, and assaulted

A woman showed up at a Staten Island (NYC) police station in chains and handcuffs claiming that her boyfriend had raped her, prompting a raid on a bus-turned-residence containing two children, a homemade bomb and chemicals.
  1. A Staten Island woman escaped from her boyfriend, Alexander Isaac, who had been holding her captive and repeatedly raping her in a converted bus home.
  2. Isaac was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including rape, false imprisonment, and kidnapping. The police found dangerous chemicals and a homemade bomb on the bus during a raid.
  3. The case is under investigation, with a grand jury hearing evidence against Isaac. The two children present on the bus have been removed for their safety.

A woman who showed up at a Staten Island (NYC) police station in shackles and handcuffs told police that her boyfriend had repeatedly raped her, prompting a raid on a bus-turned-residence containing a homemade bomb and chemicals.

According to the Daily News, the unidentified 25-year-old victim shuffled into the NYPD’s 120th Precinct in leg shackles and handcuffs Monday night. After cops released her, she told detectives that her boyfriend, Alexander Isaac (30), had repeatedly beaten and raped her while holding her captive in a bus that had been converted into the mobile home where they lived.

Suspect Isaac was arrested Tuesday and charged with rape, criminal sexual act, false imprisonment, and kidnapping. A protective order was issued against the young woman, and bail was set.

Court documents paint a heartbreaking picture. At 11 a.m. on Monday, Isaac allegedly shackled the victim’s legs, handcuffed her behind her back, put a T-shirt around her mouth, and then raped her. Prosecutors allege that he punched her in the face, causing her eye to bleed, slammed her against a wall, and whipped her thighs with a belt.

After the attack, Isaac exited the bus and locked the door, leaving her trapped inside for about nine hours, court documents say. Around 9:50 p.m., she managed to escape from the bus and was about four blocks from the police station when the boyfriend caught up with her and dragged her back to the bus, where he handcuffed her to a bedpost. But somehow, she broke free again, and this time she did make it to the police station.

After hearing her story, police officers with a search warrant went to the reported bus where the couple lived in a lot on Central Ave, Brighton Heights. Another man was there, as were Isaac’s two children, ages 5 and 7.

According to his attorney, Michael Cirigliano, a grand jury is hearing evidence against Isaac. “I estimate he will be indicted,” he said, adding that his client runs a company that rents buses. “He adamantly denies the allegation.”

The other adult was charged with endangering the welfare of minors, who were removed from the bus. Police also found numerous chemicals and a homemade bomb determined to be active. In addition, a 3D printer and evidence of an attempt to make a ghost gun were discovered.

Police took the pipe bomb to Rodman’s Neck in the Bronx for testing. The city Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) was called to remove the chemicals, which can be purchased commercially. Its officials were scheduled to conduct further evaluations today.

All charges are mere accusations, and the individuals being prosecuted are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

In a similar case this week, according to prosecutors, three Hispanic residents of Brooklyn (NYC) were charged with kidnapping a New Jersey teenager and torturing him while holding him for ransom to free him in an apparent dispute over a drug debt.

In September, a 13-year-old girl reported missing in Pennsylvania was found walking shoeless on a Brooklyn street. A 47-year-old man was arrested.

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