Woman forces her son to apologize to the girl he bullied at school

The bullying either bullying is a bad practice that occurs in schools more frequently over the years, proof of this is the case of a 11 year old boy who enjoyed teasing her classmate.

Faced with such a situation, the school called the minor’s mother to let her know the situation, since the infant was throwing pencils at her and sending insulting text messages to the girl.

Sam Janea single mother of Warwickshire, England did not sit idly by and expressed his annoyance at the behavior of his offspring. Through her TikTok account, the outraged woman displayed the texts that her son sent to her partner.

“I don’t want to see your ugly face again at school. Your ugly face and your fat body offend me, ”reads her messages, which the girl responded to as follows:“ Stop being horrible to me. You know you hurt my feelings every time you’re mean to me.”

After investigating the victim’s address, the mother forced the minor to apologize to her and her whole family. In addition, she demanded that he buy some flowers and chocolates for the infant she had hurt.

“I don’t give a fuck if she hurts your head at school. What gives you the right to talk to her like that?…She will look in the mirror now and she will feel very insecure,” Jane replied.

He punished his son without his cell phone for a week and spoke to him about the importance of respecting people, especially women: “I am raising a man. My son doesn’t have that male role model, so I have to teach him to be a man and make sure he is respectful to people.”

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