Woman found her boyfriend with the lover, her curious reaction is what surprises

A woman found her boyfriend with the mistressbut his curious reaction is what caused it to go viral, this after another diner recorded it.

It turns out that when she discovered her boyfriend with the alleged “lover” she opted for an unusual and strange way of reacting: she clapped her hands, jumped, screamed and cried.

Woman found her boyfriend with the mistress

I would cry if I found out something like that, but this woman found her boyfriend with the mistress and reacted unusually. The reactions where a woman the lover of her boyfriend exceeds 5 million views.

“She found the boyfriend with another and this is the reaction”wrote the user @ javiersolis0_0 on TikTok who was responsible for viralizing the moment.

When the boyfriend found out, he tried to calm her down and asked her to lower her voice because the other diners were surprised by such a scene.

But As expected, the woman climbed onto a small platform. that was in the restaurant to continue causing a scandal, so the lover had no choice but to stand still looking at the cell phone.

By the time the man finally managed to reassure his girlfriend and get her out of the place, several viewers had already recorded the moment.

Viral, young man discovers his boyfriend with another

The reactions where a woman, her boyfriend’s lover, exceeds 5 million reproductions.

As expected, the TikTok video had hundreds of comments given the more than 5 million views.

  • “I don’t know if it gave him emotion or courage”
  • “I had a panic attack in the shower so I don’t laugh about it”
  • “I don’t find it funny, those of us who have already experienced it know how much it hurts”
  • “To avoid these situations, it is better to be clear, speak up front with the truth ahead and that’s it”
  • “It hurt me a lot to see this”
  • “Nervous breakdown poor real girl”

These were just some of the comments that were given after the woman found her boyfriend with the lover and that she had a strange way of reacting to the terrible disappointment.

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