Woman goes viral on TikTok for cleaning extremely dirty houses for free

The labors of cleaning they are perhaps the most hated by everyone; however, for a woman it is quite an inspiration, to such an extent that she cleans extremely dirty houses for free.

The name of the main character in this story is Aurikatariinawho took advantage of the rise of the TikTok platform to make his passion for this activity known.

Through her account, the influencer originally from Argentina reveals his various techniques to clean from a bathroom to a house, with a degree of shocking neatness.

And it is that he ensures that he is not bothered, uncomfortable or disgusted by being in permanent contact with dirt and everything it represents.

About the reason why he started with this passion, the girl who adds up to almost two million followers on Instagram and almost eight on TikTokrevealed it with an emotional message.

“When I arrived at this house, the owner of the house, Eva, was a bit sad and quiet. She had a mental illness, so it’s understandable. I cleaned her house for free from her and I not only saw the transformation of the house, I also saw the transformation of Eva. His gaze of hers lit up and she started talking!” she said.

“At the end of the cleanup, she looked at her kitchen and said, ‘I haven’t realized I have a space in my kitchen in years,’ then smiled. I never forget that smile,” she added.

Now looking to make any dirty space sparkle, he’s offering to do it for free to houses that really need to shine again.

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