Woman is beheaded by her millionaire boyfriend for not wanting to marry him

Not long ago a news has outraged many people and it is that Zahir Jaffer, the heir to a wealthy Pakistani family, was sentenced to death this Thursday, February 24, for kidnapping, raping and beheading his girlfriend.

It seems that it was a murder that showed the plight of battered women in that traditionally patriarchal Middle Eastern country that is now causing a lot of outrage around the world.

It turns out that the 30-year-old man, who has dual nationality – Pakistani and American – murdered Noor Mukadam, just 27 years old, at his home in Islamabad on July 20, 2021, after the young woman rejected his proposal. of marriage, as he was a violent and controlling man.

Woman is beheaded for not getting married

It has been highlighted that Noor was the daughter of a former diplomat, she had tried several times to escape from the luxurious mansion of her “boyfriend”, but two members of the domestic staff prevented her; During Thursday’s hearing where Zahir was sentenced to death, these two men were also sentenced to 10 years in prison each for being an accessory to murder.

For his part, Judge Atta Rabbani announced that “the main defendant was sentenced to death before a court in Islamabad. Meanwhile, he also reported that Zahir Jaffer’s father, a very wealthy Pakistani industrialist named Zakir Jaffer, and his wife Asmat Adamjee, both accused of trying to cover up the crime, were acquitted.

The murderer will be convicted

murderer was arrested

“I am satisfied that justice has been done.”

This is what was stated after the hearing by Shuakat Mukadam, the victim’s father, a former diplomat who had served as Pakistani ambassador to South Korea and Kazakhstan; however, he announced that he will appeal the acquittal of the parents of his daughter’s murderer, according to AFP.

It should be noted that the murder of Noor Mukadam shocked Pakistan in July last year and sparked outrage among women’s rights advocates in the Middle East where gender-based violence is very common.

It should be noted that after the murder of a decapitated woman there were demonstrations in several cities, as well as calls to reform the legislation on this matter.

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