Woman is mistaken for a motorcycle and causes a police operation in Yucatan

A woman identified as BMC, originally from the municipality of Valladolid, Yucatan, caused a police mobilization after he got confused motorcycle and take someone else’s home.

The events occurred outside a motorcycle parking lot located on the 41st street by 38 and 40 of the center from the municipal seat, a few meters from the main square.

According to the account of the municipal authorities, the 26-year-old girl finished her errands and when she left her home, she got on a Italika motorcycle model D125, white with blue stripes, inserted the key, turned it on and left the place, without noticing that it was not your vehicle.

report the theft

The woman arrived at the parking lot and did not find her vehicle where she parked it

Minutes later, SMD, 30, went to pick up his unit and realized that it was no longer there, so he notified the Coordinated Municipal Police of Valladolid (whose offices are located in front of the aforementioned parking lot), to start looking for the allegedly stolen vehicle.

Behind the location operative carried out by the municipal elements, the aforementioned vehicle was caught up in a neighborhood near the center of Valladolid, which was driven by BMC

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However, the young woman explained that it was a confusion and that unintentionally took someone else’s motorcycle, since it was the exact same model, color and key combination that it actually belongs to.

Both women were taken with their vehicles to the offices of the police corporation, where misunderstanding cleared up and the two motorcycles were presented with their respective invoices, which helped to clarify the confusion without anyone being arrested.

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