Woman leaves advertising agency to organize sex parties with 60 people and open her profile on OnlyFans

Rev works as Reiki Bondage on his Only Fans page.

Photo: CRISTIAN HERNANDEZ / AFP / Getty Images

Rev Rucifer you know what it takes to build a brand.

The 37-year-old woman from Brooklyn, New York, has a master’s degree in creative management of brands and a decade of advertising experience.

But she does not use her professional experience for the business world.

In fact, Rev spends his time building his own personal empire in the form of his work from Reiki Bondage, his Only Fans page and his consulting firm The Shift Work Shop.

Rucifer told The Sun newspaper how he left his office job behind to dedicate himself to “pleasant activities.”

“I worked in advertising and marketing for about 10 years, I have a master’s degree.

“But it sucked my soul.

“They fired me and it was as if an atomic bomb exploded.”

After that, Rev says he started looking for other jobs.

“The firing was the catalyst for everything to come,” he added.

“I started thinking about what else is out there. I decided to explore more enjoyable activities.

“I have always been interested in sex and pleasure.

“So I started to involve my Reiki practice, to see if I could bring it all together.

“I started workshops and classes and worked in a sex club. I got in and thought about what my brand would be. I started with OnlyFans about two years ago ”.

During the Covid pandemic, Rev even adapted to the online world, hosting sex parties on the internet.

She added: “I didn’t know you could take a lot of pleasure in a Zoom call.

“We make sure people feel safe. We have artists and a workshop.

“People can learn to pose and take sexy photos and we have a sexy story hour.

“So we have free play.

“We had to think about security and consent, so we had a system of red, yellow and green.

“There might be people who wanted to chat, get involved, onlookers, so their color reflected that. You could change your color as you wanted overnight.

“For me it was very important that it be a safe space.

“Each party had between 40 and 60 people and lasted from 8 pm to 1 or 2 am

“There were so many hot scenes going on. We organize it like a real party, with many different rooms. There were different wishes ”.

He even used his OnlyFans account to help pay off his student loan.

“I got into a lot more debt than I knew I was getting into.

“At the end of graduate school, I was taking out student loans to pay for all my classes and living expenses. When I graduated, I owed about $ 80,000.

“It increased to $ 90,000 with interest.”

Rev noted that she was “initially reluctant” to join the site, but soon found that it “helped me pay off my student loans and other bills.”

The site ended up helping pay $ 1,000 a year.

Rucifer added: “I was struggling to pay the rent and buy groceries.

“I started with OnlyFans in June 2020 and I couldn’t have made it through the year without the money I made on the platform.”

For Rev, his work is very rewarding.

She added: “I help people remove shame and invite more pleasure.

“What I do helps people to trust their own bodies and desires. I have seen massive changes in the people I have helped.

“I do private sessions, workshops, classes.

“I can support myself and support my passions. It is much more fun than having to go to a corporate office.

“That being said, it is not easy and it is hard work. The best thing about my job is watching people transform themselves into people who know their own pleasure ”.

But he admits that he still faces certain stigmas.

She said: “I have had mixed responses from my friends and family.

“It’s still sex work and people don’t understand. My mother still doesn’t understand ”. Still, Rev says: “I love my job, it’s the best job I’ve ever had.”