Woman picked up a dollar from a Nashville McDonald’s and ended up semiconscious in the hospital

On the streets of the United States, people find bills with methamphetamine.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A woman lived a harrowing moment after collapse after picking up a dollar bill that was lying on the floor of a Nashville McDonald’s.

Fortunately, Renee Parsons was accompanied by her husband Justin, whom she grabbed by the arm.

moments later, he got a rash where he had rubbed the ticket and felt her lips go numb.

Renee, Justin and their two children stopped at a McDonald’s while traveling to a conference.

“I see a dollar bill on the ground. Thinking absolutely nothing about it, I picked it up”, remembers the woman.

But after doing it, started feeling sick right awayand even believed that he could die: “My body went completely numb, I could barely speak and I could barely breathe. It’s almost like a burning sensationso to speak, that starts here in the shoulders, and then it just goes down because it’s almost like it’s numbing the whole body.”

Her husband remembered that Renee hadn’t said anything for a while and then exclaimed: Justin, I’m sorry. Love you. So she just stopped talking.”

“It looked like he was dying. She was certainly unconscious and very pale,” she explained.

News Channel 5 reported that Justin managed to get his wife to St Thomas Ascension Hospital, where her symptoms resolved after about four hours and was released from the hospital for an accidental drug overdoseaccording to WSMV.

The man believes the dollar his wife took off the ground was laced with fentanyl.

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