Woman poops on wigs at Kansas beauty store; caused damage valued at $200

Police in Wichita are looking for this woman for defecating on wigs in a store.

Photo: Wichita Police/Courtesy

This doesn’t smell good at all!

Police in Wichita, Kansas are searching for the woman who defecated in the wig aisle of a beauty store.

The facts reported May 10 at Mid-K Beauty Supply.

The move of the unknown damaged several wigs. Damage estimate is $200.

“Yes, you read that right,” that department shared in posts on Facebook and Twitter.

“The defecation was significant enough to destroy eight wigsand the business would like to know who the ‘poopetradora’ is in order to file criminal charges,” authorities said on their social media accounts.

Although the incident was caught on surveillance camerasthe Police indicated that for the good of the public they will not divulge the offensive attack with feces.

Researchers asked for citizen help to locate “public enemy number 2” How was the woman identified?

“If you know the identity of Public Enemy Number 2, you can call Detective Meir at 316-268-4254 or email [email protected],” read one of the police office’s tweets.