Woman records exact moment when lightning strikes her husband’s car in Florida

A woman managed to record the exact moment when a lightning struck to the auto where her husband and children traveled in Florida. Fortunately, despite the incident, none were injured.

The woman who recorded the incident was identified as Michaelle May Whalen, she managed to capture the Exact time when lightning strikes a vehicle that was in front of her, and in which her family moved.

According to the woman, the recording was captured from her vehicle after the incident occurred last Friday, July 1, in Tampa Bay, Florida.

He recorded in slow motion the impact of lightning in Florida

The woman revealed that she was driving when she decided to record the lightning because she noticed that it fell on the asphalt, when her husband’s car was struck by lightning in the middle of the race.

“My son-in-law suggested I shoot a slow motion video, and that’s when I captured the event on camera,” he explained.

The woman revealed that the car that was struck by lightning was “completely fried”, but fortunately her husband and children came out of the car unharmed, although obviously somewhat scared, since it is rare for lightning to strike a car.

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What happens if lightning strikes a car?

It is rare for lightning to strike a vehicle.

If lightning strikes the car, simply because faraday effect nothing would happen to the people who occupy it, although the vehicle could be damaged. The scientific foundation that explains what happened was discovered by the British physicist Michael Faraday; His investigations showed that the electrical charge of lightning can be distributed over the entire metal surface, like the one that cars have, without affecting the interior.

To prove this theory, physicist Michael Faraday did an experiment in the 19th century known as “Faraday’s cage.” It consisted of enclosing a person in a metal cage and passing current through it. The person could touch the cage with his hands without the slightest risk of electrocution.

It is precisely because of this principle that the woman’s husband and children were unharmed after lightning struck their vehicle during a storm in the state of Florida.

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