Woman sentenced to life in prison for causing the deaths of her patients

The German court in Kassel decided this Wednesday to sentence a 51-year-old woman to life in prison for She posed as a medical anesthesiologist, accused of causing serious injuries and even death to several of her patients..

Due to the above, the authorities charged him with crimes of identity theft and against health, after supplying wrong doses of anesthetics, in addition to not treating cases of blood poisoning in patients, as well as depriving patients of oxygen and causing cardiovascular and organ failure to its victims.

The woman will have to pass 15 years in prison before completing his sentenceon the other hand, prosecutors from that country reported that the woman suffered from an excessive need for recognition, which led her to commit more than 3 homicidesaccording to information provided by the DPA agency.

doctor of death

The doctor of death is sentenced to 100 life sentences Life sentence is the maximum sentence

In modern history, there have also been cases in which medical specialists have decided to choose a dark path, such as the case of Harold Shipman, who killed about 200 healthy people, mostly women and young peopleafter administering a strong drug composed by himself, the Doctor of Death, as he is also known, was sentenced to 100 consecutive life sentences for his acts against health.

What is life imprisonment?

Life imprisonment is the maximum sentence

The Life Chain is the maximum penalty that is granted to people whose crimes are totally heinous, so those who provoke it must spend the rest of their lives behind bars or must serve the maximum time that the authorities have, since this varies depending on the country, in Mexico life imprisonment, according to Mexican law establishes that no person confined can remain more than 50 years in jail.

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