Woman survives Hurricane Fiona clinging to a tree for more than 8 hours in Puerto Rico

Damage caused by Hurricane Fiona.

Photo: ERIKA SANTELICES/afp/AFP / Getty Images

A woman who held on to a tree for about 8 hours during the passage of Hurricane Fiona in the Puerto Rican municipality of Vega Alta, was rescued by Emergency Management personnel.

This rescue is just one of hundreds that authorities had to carry out after catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Fiona.

A rescuer from the municipality of Vega Alta, told the story on social networks, where the person managed to save his life by clinging to a tree in said demarcation.

“That person was reborn. God gave him the great opportunity in his life. We do not know how he resisted between eight and nine hours in the water holding on to a log, ”she assured.

“Attempts were made through National Guard trucks, but they could not rescue her, because of the great pressure of the river current, which caused the National Guard truck to shut down,” he added.

The ravages of Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona lashed Puerto Rico with relentless rain and terrifying flash flooding on Monday, forcing rescues to homes and streets, making it difficult for power crews to reach many parts of the island.

Now the island is in the dark again, five years after Hurricane Maria caused more damage to Puerto Rico than any other disaster in recent history.

While Fiona will be directly to blame, Puerto Ricans will also blame years of power outages, the result of an agonizingly slow effort to finally give the island a stable grid.

Its heavy rains on Sunday and this Monday, of more than 30 inches in some areas of southern Puerto Rico and its central mountainous region, caused the island’s vast network of canals and streams to overflow, turning entire streets into muddy rivers and forcing to rescue more than 1,000 people.

Today the death of a man was reported after being dragged by the waters of the La Plata River in Comerío, in the center of the country.

The victim’s sister explained to the police that the 56-year-old man was in the back of his residence when he slipped and fell into the La Plata River, whose channel has grown due to the hurricane.

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