Woman was seduced by Tinder’s “date” and ended up stabbed in the face in a Utah park; suspect then attacked another unknown victim

The online dating app Tinder can be a dangerous tool in some cases.

Photo: AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images

An 18-year-old man seduced his Tinder date into a wooded area in Utah where he stabbed her in her car before doing the same to an elderly woman.

The KSL TV report indicates that the suspect, identified as Kane Fairbank, met the first victim in a park near Bountiful The Thursday evening. It was the second time they shared. The duo had spent several hours in the park before the attack was reported, according to the Davis County Sheriff’s Office report.

The criminal complaint against Fairbank indicates that this seduced the victim using the dating appcoerced her into his vehicle and began attacking her with a knife, stabbing her multiple times.

The victim suffered several serious injuries to the hands, neck and face.

Despite the injuries, the girl continued to resist the attack until she fled the car.

“Fairbank ran after (the victim) and stabbed her in the back as she ran away. This wound was fatal in nature,” the court document adds.

The victim continued running until approaching several people in the parkcausing Fairbank to leave the area.

In the group were nurses, one of whom was an emergency medical worker (EMT). They provided him with medical assistance while others present called 911.

After the attack, Fairbank drove to another location in Bountiful to dispose of the victim’s cell phone and break his own in an attempt to destroy the evidence. Also, he abandoned his car in the area.

The suspect subsequently arrived at 550 N. 500 W. in Bountiful, where approached a 64-year-old woman and stabbed her multiple times, causing serious injury. This second victim fell to the ground, but confronted Fairbank along with other witnesses, who fled again.

Fairbank was spotted in a nearby neighborhood by a person who detained him until police officers arrested him. both victims are in stable condition.

fair bank would have admitted to the authorities that he planned the attack on his “date” when he was still interacting with her on the dating app, and that he invited her to the park for that purpose.

In the case of the second woman, the attacker said that she was a total stranger, but that decided to attack her because she was older and alone.

The alleged intention of the accused was to attack other people in order to kill them.

The sheriff’s office released security camera footage showing the suspect walking through the area with a gun drawn.

The young man faces two charges of attempted murder, two of obstruction of justice and one of aggravated kidnapping.