Woman was sleeping soundly when something strange got into her ear

Woman wakes up with severe pain in her ear; The doctor took out a cockroach.

Photo: WANG ZHAO/Getty Images

A woman lived a real nightmare because, while she slept, a strange feeling woke her up and the cause of that was a cockroach that had decided to get into his ear.

Keenan Artelli, who went to the hospital urgently after feeling something in his ear, never imagined that inside her was a six-legged invader.

Through her social networks, the woman from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, told her creepy anecdote.

the girl said that when waking up in the early morning he noticed that he had a foreign body in his ear. However, at that point he had no idea what it was.

Through his @keenanslife TikTok account, the woman, who describes herself as a digital creatorrecounted: “I could feel something there, so I tried to blow my nose to get it out and it didn’t work.”

In addition, said that after spending more than 30 minutes in intense painmade the decision to have a doctor check it out.

Upon arrival at the medical center, the doctors informed him that there was an insect inside and they couldn’t believe what had happened.

“The doctor said cockroaches can’t walk backwards, so I guess the bug would have kept moving and moving up to my brain. She hurt me a lot, ”said the young woman.

In addition, Artelli Keenan indicated that he vomited three times from disgust What did he get from having a cockroach in his ear?

One of the nurses took a picture of a cockroach’s leg. hanging from his ear and the doctor warned him: ‘Don’t show it to Keenan, he will vomit again’. It was complete madness.

“When they showed it to me, I was shocked,” the woman said.

Keenan informed his followers on TikTok that the doctor cleaned his ear canal and made sure the insect had not laid eggs.

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