Woman Who Accused Marilyn Manson Of Sexual Assault Says She Was Traumatized Again By Seeing Him With Justin Bieber And Kanye West

Marilyn Manson.

Photo: Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

Last weekend, the rapper Kanye west (also known as Ye) was seen accompanied by the singers Justin Bieber and Marilyn manson at a religious event. The videos that circulated on social networks showed them dressed in white, in a prayer circle.

Now, Ashley Morgan Smithlline -an ex-girlfriend of Manson who filed a lawsuit in February accusing him of sexual assault, physical and psychological abuse and imprisonment, he told the magazine People that for her seeing those scenes “was like provoking a trauma again. It breaks my heart and it disgusts me. Is this the world we live in? “

The girl was in a relationship with Marilyn (whose real name is Brian Warner) for two years, and has stated that for a long time he feared for his life. Another 15 women have denounced (formally and informally) the singer, who has denied all the accusations. A spokesperson for the artist said he was an important part of West’s event, and that it is nobody’s business that Manson has converted to Christianity.

Referring to Kanye West, Ashley Morgan said: “This man has to know that he is supporting a rapist, an abuser, and not just a girl… This just goes to the point that the world doesn’t really care if you rape and beat up and hurt all these women. Basically you can do whatever you want, if you have money, if you are a man and you are famous ”. So far, both Justin Bieber as Kanye West they have not commented on the matter.

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