Woman Witnessed Alligator Attack on Her Husband During Louisiana Floods

Woman Witnessed Alligator Attack on Her Husband During Louisiana Floods
The alligator victim disappeared from the trail at the time they were trying to help him.

During the passage of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, it was known that a man was the victim of an attack from a large alligator while walking through Slidell, a suburb of New Orleans in the middle of rains and his disappearance was later reported.

The man’s wife from 71 years She told officers that she had heard screams Monday at noon, and when she saw what happened, she realized that there was an alligator attacking her husband causing serious damage, the St. Tammany District Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

St. Tammany Police Captain Lance Vitter told The Times-Picayune newspaper that the woman had been able to see how the alligator she bit her husband without letting go, at the same time that it turned and caused him more pain.

He added that the woman told how she finished ripping off the man’s arm, to the point of rendering him unconscious, to later cease his attack.

Seeing that the seriousness of her husband’s situation, was able to get it out of the water and tried to go get a first aid kitBut for that he had to get into a canoe to the highest part of the suburb, located a kilometer and a half away in search of help; However, when he returned, he realized that the victim had disappeared, the sheriff’s office said.

Although they tried to find the man’s whereabouts, the critical situation with a large amount of debris caused by the natural disaster delayed the process. They tried to use flood water vehicles and boats, but so far they have not been able to find it.

Meanwhile, security forces asked residents to be vigilant when walking through flooded parts, as the ravages of landslides caused by Ida can lead to wild animals choosing to approach urban areas.

Among the rubble and devastation

Today the situation in Louisiana remains critical. In New Orleans many areas continued Without eleectricity as a consequence of the Category 4 hurricane that reached its peak on Sunday.

So far, rescuers have reported the death of four people as they prepared to deploy in the boats and “off-road” vehicles to access the most vulnerable and most difficult to reach areas.Through social networks, the disaster caused by Ida has been evidenced, with cars being hit by the storm surge, destroyed electricity poles and innumerable material and house losses.

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