Women and men do not have the same opportunities in Quintana Roo

The panorama that is lived today in Quintana Roo Regarding women, it is still a long way from what is expected to be obtained in terms of gender equality and violence against women, as stated Maria del Carmen Joaquin Hernandez, State Councilor of Sí por México.

In an interview conducted by AmericanPost.News, Joaquín Hernández, who is also the president of the Cozumel Business Coordinating Council, pointed out that there are still many barriers in terms of equal opportunities for women, adding that there is not full security for women who in Quintana Roo they are being raped and murdered.

“We need to make the problem visible, the forums help us to create more awareness among the population and authorities, as well as to generate synergies between people interested in making this country and state a fairer place for men and women,” he said.

It determined that a Quintana Roo, there is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality and opportunities in all sectors, however, he visualized that with a joint work between civil society and government authorities, it can be achieved.

“It seems to me that it does have a long way to go, but I believe that with the will of all, such as civil society, the private sector, civil associations and the government; with clear policies is how we can continue to grow,” determined the business leader.

There needs to be an awareness of what is happening around violence against women, he recalled that; Violence is not only physical but occurs in various ways such as verbal violence, economic violence among others.

Maria del Carmen Joaquin, stressed that violence against women is not only exercised by men against women, but there are also women who exercise violence among women.

“We must start by talking about sisterhood, equity and empathy among women, so that we can create, little by little, awareness in society,” he said.

The problem at present is that there is no union between the sectors who should be working towards the same direction, since no one is better than the other but it is that they work together, highlighted the State Councilor of Yes for Mexico.

“The only way to be able to see that this works is by working together and that each one takes their position to give answers to society in general,” he specified.

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