Women look for excuses to “be arrested” by a young police officer in New Jersey, photo goes viral

Officer Domenic Pizzanelli is stealing sighs.

Photo: River Edge PBA Local 201’s / Courtesy

A young man river edge policeidentified as Domenic Pizzanelli is stealing sighs among women, what They look for excuses to “be arrested” by the New Jersey officer. The officer’s photo goes viral.

And that the praise for the handsome policeman has not stopped since River Edge PBA Local 201 page posted a photo of Pizzanelli holding a rescued puppy.

“Puppy found in the area of ​​Kinderkamack Road, and Tenney Ave. Please contact the River Edge Police Department if you have any further information!”highlights the post published on Facebook.

Young officer steals sighs from women

The image stole sighs from some women who have expressed their willingness to run red lights or get into trouble in order to be arrested by Pizzanelli.

For them, the important thing is to meet the young officer who is taking away their sleep.

Pizzanelli’s image was also shared on the Bergen County Moms Facebook group, where more than 150 comments have been obtained, praising the young officer.

“I could run a red light. A handsome policeman and a cute dog,” wrote other women.

willing to be fined

Even some women are willing to commit road offenses to be stopped by the young officer.

“I am about to make my trip. I’ll get a ticket every day trying to get this beautiful man to stop me.” comments a user.

Another claims to be lost, although she gives her location for Pizzanelli to find.

“There are many offers to claim you and offer you a loving home,” wrote one netizen.

And yes, there are several women who are also offering to take him home.

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