“World bomb”, the Argentine press reacted by the departure of Messi

The announcement that Lionel messi will not continue in Barcelona is the main news of most of the news portals of Argentina, which consider the departure of the Argentine as a “world bomb” and an “unexpected twist”.

“World bomb: Barcelona announced that Leo does not follow,” headlined the sports newspaper OlĂ©, which has the news as the most prominent of the moment.

“Unexpected turn. Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona: a bomb that shakes the world of football ”, headlined the newspaper La Nación, which publishes several related articles.

The mythical newspaper La Capital, from the city of Rosario, also used the word “bomb” to refer to Messi’s departure from Barcelona.

The Infobae website highlights that Messi is a “free agent” and that Barcelona “blamed La Liga for not being able to close the agreement with the player.”

The news of Messi’s departure also became a trend on social networks and most Internet users reacted with surprise to the announcement.

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