Ridiculous: Government of Mexico congratulated Checo Pérez with a photo of Max Verstappen

Sergio “Checo” Perez – Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

For Sergio Checo Pérez everything has been good news this week, from his victory in Monaco, his renewal with Red Bull and even his celebration in the principality. However, there was a important incident involving the Government of Mexico, since they congratulated the prodigal son of the nation with a photograph of his teammate, Max Verstappen.

The Mexican driver made history for the Aztec nation by prevailing in the principality and winning the third victory in his career, the second for the Red Bull team. Checo’s victory came after an exceptional moment and subsequent orders from his team while in Spain, which made him angry. It is also a key victory that has positively influenced Christian Horner, who was convinced to renew his contract until 2024.

Government of Mexico celebrates Checo’s triumph with Verstappen’s photo

Despite the historic victory of Sergio Checo Pérez, from the Mexican government or at least from those who manage social networks, they did not seem to be very aware of who is one of their historical athletes and perhaps the best currently in their country.

The portal Soy Motor revealed the error of the Mexican government when placing a photo of the Dutch pilot, despite the fact that the name of the pilot born in the Netherlands and current leader of the classification is clearly observed on Verstappen’s uniform.

The aforementioned publication was accompanied by a number of memes on social networks, where Checo was compared to Tom Cruise himself, as a joke.

The Mexican government rectifies and places the photograph of Sergio Checo Pérez

Criticism immediately rained down on the publication of the Mexican government, who later rectified and placed the correct photo, where the Mexican is seen lifting the trophy obtained in this glorious feat.

In any case, Mexico is still celebrating a triumph that represents pure history for the nation and Latin America. The Red Bull driver even celebrated with former president Felipe Calderón and was encouraged to take a dip in the Monaco pool. It should be noted that it was Alberto de Mónaco himself who invited Calderón to the event.

The next challenge for Checo Pérez will be the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix which will take place on June 12 and will have the Mexican driver as one of the main protagonists, while his team remains at the top of the World Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship.

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