World War II bomb explodes, injuring several

At least four people were injured after one explosion near the main train station Munich, Germany. The explosion is believed to have been caused by a world war ii bomb previously unexploded,

The incident prompted officials to stop all train services. The explosion occurred at a construction site near the train station, the Munich fire department said.

The four people who were injured were working at the site, one of whom suffered serious injuries, said the emergency services.

Workers hit the WWII bomb

They were carrying out drilling work when they hit the bomb Several still unexploded bombs are hidden in Germany

Meanwhile the Bavarian Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann, revealed: “An aerial bomb from the WWII era was the cause of the explosion.”

It also reported that workers accidentally struck the 250-kilogram (551-pound) bomb while drilling.

The German rail service Deutsche Bahn said it suspended service as a precautionary measure, as the explosion occurred near a bridge where all trains entering and leaving the station must pass.

It is common to find bombs in Germany

Several still unexploded bombs are hidden in Germany

The discovery of bombs left over from the fighting during World War II it is a fairly common occurrence in Germany, although explosions are rare.

The authorities have not yet clarified the reason why the bomb was not discovered, since for this type of work, checks are often carried out in search of possible unexploded equipment, since this type of findings are still frequent in certain areas of Germany .

After the WWII bomb went off in Munich, at least four people were injured, one of them seriously because she had to be evacuated urgently to the hospital.

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