Wright Brand Celebrates 100 Years With Fragrance That Smells Like Bacon

Wright Brand celebrates 100 years with Wright N°100, a bacon-scented fragrance.

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For lovers of the aroma of bacon, it is possible to smell your favorite meat all day with a new fragrance from Wright Brand called Wright N°100. With the launch of the fragrance, the Tyson-owned meatpacking company is celebrating 100 years of Bacon the Wright Way.

According to the creators of the non-edible product, it would be “a luxurious fragrance elegantly blended with hints of bacon.”

Wright N°100 includes notes of bacon, applewood, bergamot, white patchouli, sandalwood, and even a hint of maple syrup.

The fragrance also features a note from Mousse de Saxe, a combination of leather and vanilla popular in 1922, the year Wright produced his first batch by hand in 1922.

“Wright N°100 is decadent and addictive like bacon, but subtle enough to use every day,” notes Wright Brand Bacon.

“In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we wanted to expand the sensory experience of our bacon and create an exquisite fragrance that would pay homage to the quality and craftsmanship of Wright Brand bacon,” said Cal Tharp, senior brand manager for Wright Brand.

According to the brand, the fragrance is inspired by the wood-smoked scent and history of Wright’s brand bacon.

For the development of the perfume, the meat brand worked with Ann Gottlieb, founder of Ann Gottlieb Associates. Gottlieb is a perfume industry veteran who ignited the art, science and business of fragrance under the tutelage of Estee Lauder.

“To create a fragrance as iconic and compelling as Wright Brand Bacon, we turned the clocks back to 1922, extracting ingredients popular during that period and blending them with the addictive chord of bacon,” shared Gottlieb.

Wright No. 100 fragrance is available in a 3.4 oz bottle and Bacon fans can get it for $19.22 at Wright100.com.

If you’re wondering why bacon tastes and smells great is due to the Maillard reaction which makes food more tempting to humans.

“The Maillard reaction is responsible for complex, golden flavors…there are many small, simultaneous chemical reactions that occur when proteins and sugars in and on food are transformed by heat, producing new flavors, aromas, and colors,” he explains. Serious Eats.

Wright N°100 is not the first food-scented fragrance to be launched by a brand or association of food producers. In February, the Idaho Potato Commission launched Frites by Idaho, a limited-edition French fry-scented fragrance made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils.

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