Xavi buries Piqué after his tantrums: “Now you’re going to play less”

The years of camaraderie between Xavi and Piqué seem to have remained in the past, since the now FC Barcelona coach will not have favoritism with the defender for having shared a team some time ago. In fact, the strategist has been quite blunt against Piqué’s attitudesand even recently there seems to be a new crossing of words between the two where the DT ended up burying even more the chances of seeing minutes from the center-back.

The great moment of the replacement generation has also had a notable influence so that the well-known ‘sacred cows’ have been even more relegated to the bench, something that was evident in the match against Elche, where Figures like Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Piqué himself were in the locker room.

In view of the lack of activity that the center-back is having, he would have talked with Xavi, according to Diario Sport, to express your dissatisfaction and demand more playing time.

As the aforementioned newspaper explains, Piqué would have told Xavi quite dissatisfied that he doesn’t even play “’petanque’, some words that did not sit well with the strategist who replied “now you are not going to play.”

Gerard Piqué is one of the FC Barcelona footballers who earns the most money in the squadas well as one of those that has seen the least activity so far this season, a problem that the club would be seeking to solve by giving it a release, in order to further lighten the wage bill.

Likewise, the center-back declared a few seasons ago that he would have no problem leaving the team if he was not a starter, so this season could be the last for a footballer trained at the club.

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