Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family: how the new gaming platform subscription package works

Xbox officially presented its new Friends and Family service that will allow users who have a Game Pass subscription to be able to share it with people in their close circle.

In this way, for the payment of a single subscription, up to five people can have access to the entire catalog of games available from Xbox Game Pass, representing hundreds of games both classic and recent.

From Microsoft they detail that each user will be able to enjoy a personalized experience because each of them will be able to have their own history, achievements, saved games and game preferences. With the Friends and Family subscription, users also get additional benefits such as an EA Play membershipwhich grants access to a select list of Electronic Arts titles at no additional cost to the player.

Likewise, it also includes all the benefits present in Xbox Live Gold, that is, free titles on a monthly basis and discounts on selected products.

They add that the addition of users to the group of members will only be possible from the main account, that is, from the one who initially contracted the subscription. Similarly, all members of the group must reside in the same country, otherwise they cannot be added to the new service.

Group members who have moved from another country will immediately lose access to the benefits offered by their subscription. They should also take into account that there is a limit of one group change per year for each person, so a user cannot be in multiple groups simultaneously or be changing routinely.

The monthly price of the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family subscription in the United States will be $24.99., while in Europe it will be only 21.99 euros. It should be noted that for now it is only available in Colombia and Ireland, however, this list is expected to expand over the coming months.

As part of a promotional offer, users who wish to purchase only the Game Pass subscription can select the Ultimate version in exchange for a payment of $1 per month for the first month of service.

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