Xbox Series X: this week there will be restock at Amazon, Target, Walmart

Those people who have not yet been able to buy an Xbox Series X, due to the shortage of consoles, will have a new opportunity this week to get one of these devices. Amazon, Target and Walmart are expected to restock during the course of this week.

The news about the restock comes from information published by the Gaming Intel website, which ensures that these stores will have inventory. However, the amount of equipment that will become available is unknown.

So far the only store chain that has confirmed that it will have Xbox Series X is Walmartwhich reported that it will put equipment on sale starting Thursday, February 24 It will only be available to those customers who have a Walmart + membership..

Xbox Series X sales have been severely hurt by a processor shortage that continues to plague the tech industry.. This has had the consequence that the deployment of the new generation of consoles is taking place at a much slower rate than the manufacturers expected.

To a great extent, the main cause of this situation is the covid pandemic, since it forced the main chip factories in the world to stop their activities for a good part of 2020 and 2021, which had the consequence that the assembly lines will be affected.

Despite all this problem, the Xbox Series X has managed to position itself as one of the best performing Microsoft consoles in terms of sales.. Combined sales of the Xbox Series X and its lighter version, the Series S, are estimated to be well over 11 million consoles.

“When you think about trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation on the market right now, they’re really hard to find. And it’s not because the offer is smaller than before. Actually, the offer is bigger than ever. It is that the demand is exceeding the supply for all of us, ”said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, months ago.

He also added that From Xbox they are working hard so that the largest number of equipment ends up in the hands of users and there are no massive purchases by resellers which later try to sell the consoles with an increase in their price of up to 100%.

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