Xoana González challenges Instagram and its censorship with this ‘hot’ photograph

¡Xoana González returns to the charge! It is that Xoana González has always been characterized by being irreverent and in her social networks she is no exception. Through her Instagram account, Argentina tells anecdotes from day to day with her husband Rodrigo Valle.

But Xoana Gonzalez He has his own style and that is what his followers like the most. The green-eyed woman shows that she doesn’t mince words and always tests the censorship of Instagram posting risque photos.

One of his latest publications has put the social network to the test Instagram. Xoana Gonzalez uploaded a photograph accompanied by Rodrigo Valle sharing a kiss after the bodybuilding competition in which her husband participated.

“I love to see you doing what you like…. I love to see you smile”, writes Xoana Gonzalez accompanying the photograph with Rodrigo Valle. The curious thing about the image is that the Argentine is holding her by one of her breasts.

Recently Xoana Gonzalez conducted a live interview on Facebook trome where it was ‘dispatched’ left and right.

Fresh and irreverent, that’s how it was shown Xoana Gonzalez during the live interview with trome. “Without makeup and without extensions we are normal girls. I have calluses, bunions, I wear forties. I have varicose veins and cellulite, we are normal girls”, commented the Argentine.