XV years of gothic quinceañera party goes viral on social networks

A gothic quinceañera proved that times have really changed by celebrating his XV years party with the style that was so fashionable in the 2000’s and that has quickly become viral in social networks.

Through the account of TikTok @cxngreburguito, one of the guests at the unusual XV years party shared that “the 15 emos of the kakassss are coming”, as he calls the gothic, a group to which the quinceañera.

The dark colors of the Gothic XV They recalled some Internet users of the Matamoros fifteen-year-old celebrating her XV in a house of “narcosatánico” that outraged hundreds on social networks.

The XV years of the gothic quinceañera

The XV years of gothic quinceañera XV years in Mexico

With thousands of “likes”, the TikTok user @cxngreburguito shared several videos of the fifteen-year-old gothic style where the birthday girl wore a wine red princess dress with black.

Her escort of chambelanes wore black suits with designs of sequins and shakiras such as crosses and skulls, while the quinceañera wore emo makeup with her face painted white and marked black outlines.

“My sister is going to turn her XV years […] But what makes these XVs special is that they are Gothic XVs. It was a request for my parents to agree to something like that, but in the end it will be fulfilled. It was played and it was won, ”wrote the quinceañera’s brother.

What is 15 years old called?

XV years in Mexico

How we have explained to you in AmericanPost.News Previously, in Mexico when a young woman turns 15 years old called Fifteen years old’s party, quinceañera “the quinces” and it is one of the most important celebrations in the country.

In 2016, Rubí’s fifteen years was the party of the year, but the XV emo of this Gothic quinceañera have managed to dominate social networks because of the unusual nature of the young woman’s celebration.

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