Yadhira Carrillo confesses that it has been an “ordeal” to see her husband in jail

In a conversation with the actor Juan Soler in his section entitled “El Asador de Juan”, Yadhira Carrillo was not afraid to be vulnerable when talking about how she lives her present, due to the fact that her husband is currently in prison. in a Mexico City jail for money laundering and organized crime.

“I feel deeply proud of him, I am always with him, I always accompany him, we cook for him, we wash his sheets, we wash his clothes, I take them to him”, the actress said about how he has supported Juan Collado and has focused on visiting him since the first day he has been in jail.

In addition, I talk a lot about how I felt about her husband’s attitude in this situation: “I feel very proud of him because he could fight in many ways and he does it from the legal, appropriate side, and other people might do it in another way. , exhibiting and shouting, things as they are, openly so that people see and know, and he is such a moderate person, so orderly, so meticulous, so disciplined, he is a person whom I deeply admire, whom I love deeply, the admiration I feel for him is infinite, because I see him in that place so undeservedly”.

That there is nothing more important than life, health, family, love and God.” He added about what were the effects on a personal level of this legal fight that I live with Collado and what he has learned

Yadhira Carrillo also assured that her husband is really strong: “3 years already of sadness, a very great ordeal. I didn’t cry, I cried a little, because I’m the one who has to go with my husband to say ‘let’s go upstairs, what’s up today? let’s turn on the TV’, because they let him have a small TV there, ‘let’s watch a movie, a series or something, look how delicious I brought you to eat, we made you this at home, they sent you this book’”.

However, it was not the only topic that touched because The actress assured that she wants to return to entertainment, although she also believes that it is super important that she can continue to support her husband today.

“Now in three years that I have been on this subject, they offered me the telenovela that was ‘Cuna de Lobos’, do you remember? but over three years if I tell you 12 projects like this, there have been few, I have told them that not right now, because I am taking care of Juan, the first thing is Juan, first is my husband, that is what follows, for that I houses. What I would like is to do something short, like a series, but something more for children, like animals, children, but more family-oriented, an A-rated theme,” Yadhira Carrillo concluded the interview.

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