Yahaira affectionate with Daniela Darcourt after being confronted by Johanna San Miguel: “A kiss to Dani”

Johanna San Miguel faced this Friday Yahaira Plasencia when the salsera performed at Habacilar’s ‘Sing and Win for the Stars’. The popular “chata” claimed him because, according to what they told him, the sauce boat does not pass it because he has a great friendship with Daniela Darcourt.

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“Yahaira thinks I don’t love her”, said the driver, unleashing the singer’s refusal. “Don’t lie to me, I’m a witch. Peter (Fajardo) is telling me right now by intern that you say I don’t love you because I’m a friend of Daniela Darcourt “, he indicated.

The “queen of Totó” defended herself and assured that what she said was false and that she does not have negative feelings against her colleague. “That is false because Peter knows well that we have been with Dani for two weeks”he said fondly.

Facundo Gonzalez, who was on the ‘balcón de los pitucos’, could not stand it and made fun of the sauce boat. “‘With Dani’, now you call her Dani… what I’ve been hearing is that Yaha doesn’t get along with Darcourt but now…”, indicated the gaucho.

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yahaira plasencia He defended himself again and reiterated that he does not get along badly with Daniela. “There has never been anything negative, on the contrary, that comes from the press. I send a kiss to Dani and all the successes in the world for her. Long live the Peruvian talent, gentlemen! everything’s fine”, the gravyboat said.

At that moment Johanna San Miguel assured that the two are great artists. “The two are spectacular, a kiss to Daniela, the best, and Yahaira is a great talent”, sentenced the driver.


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