Yailin, Anuel’s girlfriend, shared a strong message about relationships: Will it be for Karol G?

Anuel and Karol G

Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Yailin, Anuel’s now fiancée, shared a message through her Instagram stories that talks about relationships. The Dominican singer and dancer mentioned that when a man has a woman in his life, he has her without her having to compete: would it be a hint for Karol G?

“When a man wants you in his life he puts you there, you don’t have to compete with anyone for that space: he himself is going to make you the owner of everything without you asking him”, the Dominican wrote on her Instagram account.

The text was placed on a photograph where Anuel, whose face is barely visible, almost kissed his now fiancée on the forehead.

In the comments of the publication made by El Gordo y la Flaca, many people have left their opinions about it, and of course they have remembered Karol G, well It was rumored, due to some statements that the Colombian singer herself gave during a concert, that Anuel had been unfaithful to her. Would it be with Yailin?

Here are some of the thoughts people shared:

“Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack, they’ll make it for you honey, enjoy your moment”.

“Mija don’t get too excited! just as she sucks you sucks Karol G”.

“Very true! But they both deserve it. Karol is too much for him!”.

“Who believes that Anuel does that for love? That man was swallowed by Karol, all this is a show so that they think that he does not care and the worst thing is that they are playing with this girl, I want to see him when Karol brings out his new love to the public, that man would die.

“She is very thoughtful, of course it is like that until the next owner of her fortnights arrives.”

The couple has boasted on Instagram quite a few moments lived in their romantic relationship, but without a doubt it was their commitment which has remained at the top of all those moments enjoyed as a couple. However, even at the time when Anuel was placing a large jewel on Yailin’s finger, Karol G stole the looks because Anuel’s hand is still the tattoo that says “Carolina” and that it is a tribute to the Colombian Karol G.

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