Yailin La Más Viral and her mother face backlash from sister Mami Kim over Anuel allegations

Family ties unravel as Mami Kim stands up for Anuel, sparking a heated online confrontation amidst accusations and denials.

Mami Kim has not been silent amid the feud between her sister Yailin and her ex Anuel. Kimberly Guillermo Diaz, better known as Mami Kim, vented in a video on her social networks, criticizing her sister Yailin La Más Viral (Jorgina Guillermo Diaz), and their mother, Wanda Diaz.

Mami Kim accused Yailin and her mother, Wanda, of taking economic advantage of Anuel. “I hope that when Anuel is filled with hatred, he blows them all,” she said amid Yailin’s complaint against Anuel for alleged domestic violence. The Dominican star accused the father of her daughter Cattleya of “beating” her while pregnant, something Anuel has denied, calling Yailin, whom he is divorcing, a “liar.”

“I am not family to you guys anymore,” Mami Kim said. “I decided not to be family to you guys and deny you guys. Because I am not talkative, I don’t go around hurting the world at the expense of all the lies I build daily.”

Anchor Andrea Meza commented on her shocking words on Hoy Día (Telemundo).

That was not all.

Mami Kim continued with her strong message. “If I’m going to be the Judas and I’m going to be the bad one for telling the truth, forever I’m going to be,” Yailin’s sister added. “Why don’t you tell the truth? Sure, Anuel is not there anymore. We are going to disrupt him. We’re going to disrupt Anuel. We’re going to take Anuel down,” Mami Kim said about Yailin and her mother’s alleged plan.

“After Anuel made you people, all of you. Not me. You all of you, Yailin’s choir, you’re two-faced. I hope that when Anuel fills himself with hate, he hits you all,” she concluded in the video.

So far, Yailin has not reacted publicly to her sister’s statements.