Yailin La Más Viral arrives showing the “boobies” to NBA game with Anuel AA, just like Karol G did

Anuel AA and his girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral repeat Karol G’s scenario – Photo: Alexander Tamargo. /Getty Images

There is no doubt that Yailin The Most Viral and Anuel AA mean business. They always go together in “live” on Instagram and she accompanies the reggaetonero at every important event, like the most recent one, to which they were invited. Anuel AA attended an NBA game as a guest artist, the same feat Karol G did a while ago, when she arrived holding the hand of her best friend, Daiky Gamboa.

We have already seen how sexy Yailin The Most Viral is. So the Dominican arrived showing her “boobies” with a tiny top and a half-open jacket. And yes, the two clothing accessories are some of the most expensive on the market, and were put together by Christian Dior.

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A few days ago, Yailin The Most Viral showed us how she looks after her surgery. The Trap singer had a liposculpture. But, if she already had a great body before, imagine that she decided to “perfect” it even more. Therefore, Anuel AA’s girlfriend and alleged rival of Karol G, went to see and support her lover at an NBA game showing off her “boobies” dressed in Christian Dior. What’s more, Anuel AA he gave her a bunch of jewels again. Same as Yailin boasted on her social media accounts.

Some days ago, Yailin The Most Viral premiered red hair. However, the comments were not well received. But these same comments went into the background when Anuel AA’s girlfriend posted a video on her Instagram account where she seemed to send a hint to Karol G. This, apparently, after the premiere of the video of Karol G and Becky G, “Mamiii”.

Many have claimed that what Karol G says next to Becky G in the song is: “Although the singer is with another, he does not stop thinking about her”, about La Bichota. But the truth is that neither Yailin The Most Viral, neither Karol G, nor Anuel AA have commented on it. So, here we leave you a son of Anuel AA and Eladio Carron, “North Carolina”, which is his latest release and already has almost 15 million views on YouTube.

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