Yailin La Más Viral caresses her bust and fans of Anuel AA clamor for her in concert

Anuel AA, husband of Yailin La Más Viral.

Anuel AA, husband of Yailin La Más Viral.

Photo: Steve Marcus. /Getty Images

the dominican Yailin The Most Viral set fire to Instagram by posting a story where you see caress her bust with a minimal dress on top. But she has also managed to win over the fans of her new husband Anuel AAwho they did not stop clamoring for her during a concert.

In a flesh-colored dress Yailin The Most Viral he passed his hand over her bust and her curves caressing them. There is no doubt that the Dominican has a heart-stopping body that she shows off whenever she can. On the other hand, the acceptance fans of Anuel AA has become more apparent. During a presentation of the Puerto Rican, those present did not stop chanting Yailin’s name and asking them to sing her song together.

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Yailin The Most Viralwho has not had it easy at all with the fans of Carol Gposted his thanks to the fans of Anuel AA on social networks. It is not a secret that many people have shown up with blue wigs at their concerts. It is the reason why Yailin forbade them to enter her shows with colored wigs. This was explained in an interview with Alofoke Radio Show.

Secondly, Anuel AA He was harsh with a fan who threw a bottle at her during her performance and even called her a fool. Clearly the singer was attacked on stage. But the boyfriend of Yailin The Most Viral He did not ignore the attack but exposed the woman in question and even called her a fool. The woman was wearing a blue wig.

Recently Yailin The Most Viral and Anuel AA they were married in a civil marriage in a private, improvised and very simple celebration. Quite the opposite of what is the couple of the moment. But they promised to make a church wedding in style, where the families of both can attend.

All this happened in the midst of the birth of the daughter of Anuel AA with Colombian Melissa Vallecilla. Although they have not given any of the two statements in which they say she is indeed the daughter of the ex of Carol G, everything indicates that the information is true since the girl bears her last name. Apparently, the singer would have requested a DNA test and it would have come out positive. But until the closing of this note, there was no official statement by any of the parties.

For now, we leave you the song you recorded The Chivirika, Yailin The Most Viralwith his love Anuel AA called “Si Tú Me Busca” and that has almost 50 million views on Youtube.

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