Yailin La Más Viral’s pants are lowered, while she dances to Anuel AA and you can see her dental floss: they throw bills at her when they see her like this

Yailin The Most Viral knows how to alter her boy’s senses and Anuel AA Enjoy your occurrences. In one of the latter, the young singer has begun to dance with everything, shaking off her, to the point that her pants have dropped and a large part of her dental floss has been seen.

But this is not all. The video of the hot dance of Yailin La Más Viral is giving a lot to talk about, because while she wiggles, many dollar bills fall around her and it shows how much they are enjoying a “night of drinks, a crazy night” , what’s the song say.

The public has commented on the Suelta La Sopa video. And while some applaud how well the couple is doing, others ponder the following: “If she really loved her, she respected her and wouldn’t expose her like that. But who are we to have an opinion?“.

Others say that because of how she moves, it seems that she is dancing more for the public than for her boyfriend, in this case Anuel AA: “The bad thing is that she dances for the public and not for him”. While others take advantage of the moment to applaud her dancing, and emphasize that she has talent for this, but not for singing: “That’s what she has to dedicate herself to, because singing is definitely not her thing.”

Others also believe that with this type of videos and attitudes, the only thing she does is denigrate herself: “She almost fell apart and what she does is denigrate herself.”

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