Yailin reveals Anuel AA’s lack of involvement in the life of their daughter Cattleya

Yailin discloses Anuel AA's estranged relationship with their infant daughter amid swirling controversy involving Karol G and Feid.

The names of Dominican Yailin and Puerto Rican Anuel AA continue to be the talk of the entertainment world and social networks after their sudden separation and the wave of controversy that has followed.

In recent weeks, there has been much talk about the apparent estrangement between the Puerto Rican and his daughter with Yailin, Cattleya, since Anuel has not been seen sharing with the child since her birth in mid-March.

The opposite is with his daughter, Gianella, the fruit of his fleeting relationship with Colombian Melissa Valle. Since he decided to accept his paternity over the minor, he has been seen constantly sharing with her and celebrating her birthday.

Although the singer has mentioned Cattleya in his messages on social networks and has been proud of her arrival, his and Yailin’s followers wonder why he has not been seen with her as if it were a legal agreement.

But the Dominican was recently questioned during an interview for ‘Alofoke Radio Show’ with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine about this apparent estrangement of her ex-husband with her daughter, which she answered directly.

How is Cattleya’s relationship with Anuel?

In the middle of the conversation in the studio between Yailin, 6ix9ine, and the journalists, they asked the Dominican about the relationship of the Puerto Rican Anuel with his daughter Cattleya after their separation.

In response to this question, Yailin decided to reveal that Anuel and Cattleya’s relationship was null and void and that there was no rapprochement from Anuel, assuring that this was due to his obsession to be banging his ex-partner, the Colombian Karol G and his new partner, Feid.

This confirms that the singer, for the moment, has not had any approach with the minor, which is about to turn three months old, hence his absence in networks with her, contrary to his other two children.

“Nothing, to be honest with you, you know, now she’s just normal, but nothing,” Yailin confessed.

Yailin clarified that she has a friendship relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Also, during the interview, the journalists asked the Dominican and the American rapper about the strong rumor that associates them sentimentally and if there was any liking between them.

Faced with this question, the rapper seemed nervous to answer and tried to evade it. However, at the insistence of the journalists, he revealed that he is attracted to her as a woman and very fond of her.

However, Yailin answered that she only saw him as a friend and assured everyone that she could not be with him because, for her, he was a liberal man who liked to hang out with many women, making it clear that their relationship was only of friendship and work.