Yailin la Mas Viral trades her black hair for orange, matching Tekashi 6ix9ine’s colorful style

Yailin debuts colorful hair transformation and reveals post-surgery recovery, matching Tekashi 6ix9ine's style and sparking parenthood rumors.

This past weekend, Yailin ‘La Mas Viral’ dropped a surprise on her nearly 11 million followers on the popular social media platform, Instagram, known affectionately as the ‘little camera.’ The Dominican internet sensation revealed a striking alteration to her look, swapping out her usual hair for one of the many wigs she regularly cycles through. This change was made all the more eye-catching by her choice to match it with the vibrant style of her “collaborator,” rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In a simultaneous display, Yailin showcased her recent aesthetic touch-ups, performed on July 4. She unflinchingly showed the patches on her surgically enhanced breasts in her Instagram stories, giving a glimpse into her recovery, which included wearing a girdle for several days post-operation.

Currently residing in Miami, Yailin struck a pose beside one of Tekashi’s many luxurious cars. The vehicle’s color scheme, a black base with a plethora of colors layered on top, acted as a striking backdrop to Yailin’s vibrant orange hair. Completing her ensemble was a bra adorned with decorative pieces, paired with white pants.

Keen followers of Yailin may recall that until recently, she sported jet-black hair. However, in a drastic pivot, she seems to have decided to change things up, opting for a look that not only stands out but also coordinates with the distinctively multicolored braids of Tekashi.

Despite her growing popularity, Yailin, who is also mother to Cattleya, has been feeling the strain of constant scrutiny. She has found herself on the receiving end of a barrage of negative comments every time she posts a photo or video on her Instagram. Consequently, she has made the decision to disable the comments feature on her posts to circumvent any discomfort related to the public perception of her current appearance.

Tekashi has also shared several images showcasing Yailin’s transformation. His posts have ignited further intrigue, as he cryptically stated that “only pregnancy is missing”. This has led to speculation that the pair might be considering taking the next step and becoming parents.