Yalitza Aparicio brings a fresh face and message to Victoria’s Secret lingerie in Mexico

Yalitza Aparicio embraces body positivity as she models for Victoria's Secret, highlighting diversity in the fashion world.

Yalitza Aparicio, who burst onto the international scene in 2018 with her Oscar-nominated performance in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma,” has once again made headlines. This time, it’s not for her acting prowess, but for her recent foray into the world of high fashion.

The 29-year-old actress recently became the first Mexican in the modern era to join the coveted ranks of Victoria’s Secret Angels. In a black lingerie set, Aparicio took to social media to showcase a confident and provocative side of her that many of her fans had not previously seen.

“I would love for the new generations to accept themselves as they are, and to realize that diversity is also beautiful. Wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie makes me feel confident, unique, and powerful.”

Yalitza Aparicio
Yalitza Aparicio in a Louis Vuitton dress (@yalitzaapariciomtz)
Yalitza Aparicio in a Louis Vuitton dress (@yalitzaapariciomtz)

The video, which quickly went viral, captures Aparicio embracing a body-positive message, urging the younger generation to embrace their own diversity and beauty.

A Journey Beyond the Silver Screen

Since her debut in “Roma,” Aparicio has been flexing her versatility, not just as an actress but as a fashion icon. She has fronted campaigns for renowned luxury brands like Rodarte and Prada. Her recent collaboration with Victoria’s Secret has added another feather to her already illustrious cap.

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Social media was quick to respond to Aparicio’s new campaign. Comments like “a Mexican super icon”, “She does represent the real woman”, and “breaking paradigms” flooded in, celebrating the actress’s bold move.

A Legacy of Mexican Models

While Aparicio’s accomplishment is notable, she isn’t the first Mexican to model for Victoria’s Secret. The 90s saw model Elsa Benitez gracing the brand’s campaigns. However, Aparicio’s recent involvement signals a fresh direction for the lingerie brand, aligning more closely with body positivity and diversity.

Yalitza Aparicio (@yalitzaapariciomtz / Instagram )
Yalitza Aparicio (@yalitzaapariciomtz / Instagram )

As Aparicio continues to break barriers and challenge stereotypes, both in cinema and the fashion world, her influence remains undeniable. And as she joins the ranks of other global superstars who’ve become Victoria’s Secret angels, one thing is clear: this is only the beginning of Aparicio’s multifaceted journey.

Yalitza Aparicio (@yalitzaapariciomtz / Instagram)
Yalitza Aparicio (@yalitzaapariciomtz / Instagram)