Yalitza Aparicio reveals the truth of why she has not returned to the cinema

Yalitza Aparicio is a beautiful Mexican actress who had trained to be a teacher, rose to fame after her debut in Rome, Alfonso Cuarón’s 2018 film.

It should be noted that her interpretation of Cleo, an Indian maid who worked in a residence in Mexico City, had such an impact on viewers and the Academy itself, that She was nominated for an Oscar for best actress.

Although the public thought that her career would be on the rise, after that great moment for the talented Yalitza Aparicio, the truth is that little has been seen on the big screen, although she has dedicated herself to many other projects.

The revelation of Yalitza Aparicio

If we remember, Yalitza participated in a short film and in 2021 she finished filming Presencias, a horror film, she has received many more proposals from producers, but she assures that she has rejected them because they are stereotypical characters.

Not long ago Yalitza revealed in an interview for the newspaper El País: “Several projects began to arrive, but they reduced who I am, and they not only reduced me, but all those people who, like me, are inspired and will be inspired. with my papers.

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He does not deny his roots, he defends them

It should be clarified that it is not that the well-known Oaxacan actress denies her roots, but she is aware that pigeonholing herself in roles such as that of the girl from the service would send the wrong message to her audience.

Finally, Yalitza Aparicio herself explained: “Accepting these proposals meant not breaking with the narrowness of what people of my origin are allowed to dream of. I would be telling them: you only belong to this place and you can only aspire to these roles!”

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