Yalitza Aparicio shows off her great body and “tail”, as well as the view of her native Oaxaca on Instagram

Yalitza Aparicio protagonist of Rome.

Yalitza Aparicio protagonist of Rome.

Photo: Victor Chavez. /Getty Images

actress and philanthropist Yalitza Aparicio I’m very sexy lately. It’s not that she wasn’t before, but clearly now she feels much more confident about posting those photos on Instagram, as he said recently. This time she and she shared some photos that a friend had taken of her, in which you could see a beautiful view of his native land Oaxaca in Mexico and also her attributes: “tail” and great body.

Wearing very tight jeans, Yalitza Aparicio posed for the camera with his back turned and making it clear that he has a great body that, although we rarely see him, he is there. “oaxaca never cease to amaze us. We all want #friends like that, who fill your memory with #photos, and real, I didn’t realize several “, was the message published by the protagonist of Rome in Instagram.

Also just a few days ago, she had been seen with a friend in a bikini and a little before Yalitza Aparicio alone from the beach and confessing something to her fans and followers: “Every time I have these types of photos, I feel sorry to share them, because of comments that come up … but I always talk about self-love … and the truth is that I love myself as I am. it’s me. Also, I’m the younger version of the rest of my life.”

The Mexican actress acknowledged in an interview with Juanpa Zurita who has been bullied for wearing branded clothes or sometimes for their physical appearance. But if there is someone who has shown strength and great pride in their indigenous origins, it is Yalitza Aparicio. Over time he has become a voice for his community. Not to mention that she has taken her message of female empowerment beyond the borders of Mexico.

A few months ago he was in dubai on the Cartier Women’s Initiative. The women who are most influencing others gathered there and paid tribute to them. Among them was Yalitza Aparicio carrying a message of empowerment to the women of the world on behalf of Latinas and especially Mexican indigenous women.

At the moment, Yalitza Aparicio It is the image of many products and there are several design houses that are after the artist. As for her fans, there are many who beg her that they want to see her on the big screen again and it is not surprising that she soon complies.

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