Yalitza Aparicio with unbeatable poses appears in Percha magazine

Yalitza Aparicio is one of the celebrities of the moment that since her debut in the film “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón, the native of Oaxaca has occupied the spotlight thanks to her enormous talent, which earned her an Oscar nomination despite the fact that she was debuting as an actress.

There is no doubt that Yalitza Aparicio has broken the barriers of Mexican beauty stereotypes and has positioned herself at the center of the representation of artists with indigenous roots in Mexico.

In recent years, the talented Yalitza Aparicio has been seen on magazine covers, campaigns for haute couture houses and consumer brands, something that was almost impossible for a person of indigenous origin in our country.

Yalitza in Percha magazine

As if that were not enough, the activism of the also primary school teacher is notorious and wherever she goes she is proud of her origin and even on her YouTube channel she shows beautiful corners of the state of Oaxaca and also boasts the vast and exquisite cuisine of the region.

Among other details, now Yalitza Aparicio has surprised her followers last Friday, July 8, by sharing a series of images that are part of a photo shoot for Percha magazine.

In the snapshots, Aparicio is seen wearing elegant designer outfits, combined with typical Mexican accessories such as hats, necklaces and flowers.

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The Killer Women Project

Yalitza Aparicio imitates Frida Kahlo

Not long ago it was announced that Yalitza Aparicio will be part of the new season of “Mujeres Asesinas”, the iconic Televisa series that showed the protagonists of soap operas like never before and that had unprecedented success in our country. Yalitza’s participation is highly anticipated by the public.

It should be noted that in one of the photos that attracts the most attention is this one in which Yalitza Aparicio appears clad in a white tailored suit, showing a matching bralette of the same color. The actress looks stunning sitting on a chair as she looks at the camera.

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