Yanet García boasts her exuberant rear with leggings that seem painted on her body

Yanet Garcia once again attracted the attention of her followers on social media thanks to her spectacular silhouette. Unlike the previous occasions, in which she only wore light lingerie, this time she chose a sexy sports outfit in which her charms did not go unnoticed.

The Mexican model raised passions thanks to tight violet leggings that highlighted her shapely rear to the fullest, all this while turning her back to the camera to appreciate a spectacular New York landscape. However, in the end, she was the one triggering hot sensation .

Along with the phrase: “This is just the beginning“, the film and theater actress also made at least 109 thousand fans who rated the image fall in love again.

Since her image became popular thanks to the work she did on television as the sensual “Chica del Clima” from the Televisa program ‘Hoy’, Yanet became one of the favorite celebrities on social networks, where she seduced her fans showing some exercise routines from the gym. Always impeccable, with tight sporting outfts, at the time we are redacting this article, managed to catch over 14 million followers.

Thanks to her success, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, decided to turn her life around. For this reason, motivated by the dream of becoming a certified Health Coach, she moved to New York, where she has been living for a few months, becoming an example of perseverance, but always giving a touch of sensuality in daring videos that have become a classic within her image gallery.

And, since she decided to open a OnlyFans page, there is not a day that her beauty does not cause a stir or paralyzes the hearts of her fans. Modeling tiny lingerie in which she leaves very little to the imagination thanks to her transparencies and shocking lace, ended up by making millions of Instagram users fall in love again. She continuously shares previews of what her most demanding subscribers will be able to see.

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