Yanet García boasts her rear in red lace lingerie, which leaves nothing to the imagination

The Mexican TV host Yanet García does know how to welcome 2022 and shows her statuesque body in red lace lingerie that highlights her well-defined anatomy and, in particular, boasts her rear, which leaves nothing to the imagination.

And it is that the statuesque host gave her more than 14.4 million followers a taste of the images she shares on her OnlyFans account.

García, 32, is one of the celebrities who loves to share with her followers images where she poses very sexy and sensual to delight them.

Yanet García shows off her red lace lingerie

On this occasion, the beautiful Mexican shared a video, where she boasts a coordinated lace lingerie in red, which leaves little to the imagination, for which the followers of the beautiful Mexican are very grateful.

The thong that gets lost between the driver’s rear is undoubtedly setting social networks on fire.

“Enjoy the full video on my @onlyfans Happy Sunday”, highlights the message that Yanet García wrote on her Instagram account, along with the sensual image.

With this video that highlights her proportionate body, the 31-year-old Mexican has turned on Instagram.

The bra custom frames her voluptuous body, while the thong makes her look more daring and to complement her sensual image, she wears a garter belt, holding her sexy stockings, they have red lace.

The video has more than 363,000 views at the time this article is reviewed.

Flattery and compliments for Yanet García

The compliments and compliments have not been long in coming.

“With this I have, thank you. Woman beauty. How beautiful is a beautiful princess, kisses to all that”, are some of the outstanding comments.

Yanet García is also known by the nickname of “The Weather Girl”, since it just became known for presenting the weather forecast in the news segments.

García shares daring images on his Instagram account where she poses very sexy with little clothes.

In addition, he also shares photos and videos of his exercise routines, which help him keep her attractive body in good shape.

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