Yanet García drives her fans crazy with daring transparent red lingerie

Yanet García.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

Although she rose to fame as a television host in her home state, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Yanet Garcia He has also managed to position himself as one of the favorite celebrities within social networks, where he continuously manages to turn up the temperature by posing in daring lingerie that leave very little to the imagination.

The hot photoshoots that she stars in aim to show just a little of what her true fans will be able to see through her exclusive content platform, so, in addition to becoming a certified Health Coach, the Mexican is also willing to model. With daring garments that are about to show everything, this was confirmed by thousands of followers of social networks, before whom he shared a series of images in which he is seen posing with sensual sets of transparent lingerie.

It was exactly through her official Instagram profile, where the Monterrey woman posed for 14.3 million followers and showed one of her riskiest photographs in which she used a set of tiny underwear made of threads and transparencies in red that drove thousands mad.

I don’t need you, I choose you“Was the text that accompanied the postcard that registered about 200 thousand” likes “in a few hours.

However, this has not been all for his most demanding admirers, since days before he attracted the attention with another set of garments with which he showed the beauty of his sculptural silhouette to the maximum while posing in front of a window.

On more than one occasion, she opted for neon pink lingerie, with which she exposed her shapely rearguard that has captivated viewers and followers within virtual communities.

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