Yanet García heats up Instagram in tiny lingerie to promote her OnlyFans

Yanet Garcia always generates a stir thanks to the fact that she enjoys great popularity and also has a spectacular body that allows her to heat up and steal sighs among her followers.

This time, the former weather girl posted a video on her Instagram profile in which she promotes her exclusive content on the OnlyFans platform, wearing tiny leather and see-through lingerie that allows you to see those turned attributes for which millions of users surrender at her feet.

As expected, the “spicy” clip of the Monterrey native immediately began to reap all kinds of compliments and so far adds more than 700 thousand views.

“I love you 😘😘”, “Mamacita, you have a great body 🔥🔥” and “You are a beautiful princess 😈😈”, are some of the comments left for her.

Just a few days before, Yanet Garcia she had already unleashed passions with another material where, from a sofa, she begins to take off her bra and shows her anatomy at various angles with a coordinated lingerie, red wine color, that was very striking because it highlights her skin tone.

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